The Behringer RD-8 MKII is an even more authentic 808-style analogue drum machine

Behringer says that it’s RD-8 MKII is an even more authentic 808-style analogue drum machine.



Behringer today introduced the Rhythm Designer RD-8 MKII, an updated version of their Roland TR-808 knockoff that they call “the most authentic analog recreation ever produced.”



The company says that the RD-8 MKII uses Behringer’s clone of the Roland BA662 VCA chip, introduced last year, to more accurately recreate the sound of the original 808.



Given that the original RD-8 was designed to be a totally authentic TR-808 reboot, you might wonder why there is any need for a follow-up, but Behringer says that the MKII has been redesigned from the ground up with new components and circuitry. The result, we’re assured, is “dramatically improved” sound and noise/phase response.



In addition, Behringer says that, together with Coolaudio, its semiconductor-producing sister company, it’s managed to recreate the 40-year-old BA662 chip, which played a key role in creating the voices in the original 808.



This additional authenticity will be noticeable enough for owners of the first RD-8 to consider upgrading, but if you don’t own the previous model and have been considering it, the good news is that that the MKII edition is available now priced at $329. Find out more on the Behringer website.



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