Terry Riley’s ‘In C’ Live Performance on Synthesizers

This video captures a live performance of the Terry Riley classic, In C, played by a group of 11 musicians, using various instruments from the Swiss Museum and Centre for Electronic Music Instruments (smem) collection.

The October 8th, 2022 performance was the closing night of the exhibition Patterns, Loops and Textures. On Minimalism and Electronic Music, held at bluefactory, Fribourg, Switzerland.

Terry Riley’s In C, from 1964, is one of the most popular works of musical minimalism. The piece is for ensembles of any size, and consists of 53 musical phrases, ranging from half a beat to 32 beats, that you can play any number of times, but you try to stay within 2 or 3 phrases of the other musicians in the group.


  • Julie Milani: Sequential Circuits Prophet 5
  • Timothée Verheij: Arturia Microbrute
  • Arthur Holliger: Yamaha DX-7
  • Isabelle Vauthey: violin
  • François Aubort: clarinet
  • Laurent Steiert: Buchla modular
  • Emmanuel Küng: modular synthesizer (noise and percussions)
  • Christopher Curtis: modular synthesizer (bass)
  • Christophe Lesimple: Roland SH-101
  • Lucien Müllener: drums
  • Mikael Dürrmeier: arranging & direction, live mixing & sound spatialization, samples & Arturia Drumbrute


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