Teenage Engineering TX-6 can now generate a click track based on live beat tracking of incoming audio


Teenage Engineering’s TX-6 field mixer can now generate a click track based on live beat tracking for any incoming audio. New algorithm promises to keep time while maintaining groove.


Which means that the TX-6 can now act as a sync box.  Having ‘listened’ to the incoming audio, it can generate a click track based on it, and send sync out over MIDI and Bluetooth. And this all happens in real-time.


Svante, one of the Teenage Engineering devs, says of this latest innovation:


“Live, realtime beat-tracking is challenging, because the algorithm has to anticipate the beats before they happen. On the one hand, it should react to tempo changes swiftly. On the other hand, it shouldn’t get thrown off by spurious variations in timing (what non-scientists call ‘groove’).


“We have spent a lot of effort on finding the right balance between these two opposites: reactivity and stability.”


The live input tracking is part of the v1.2.5 TX-6 firmware update, which also adds improved tap tempo and BPM adjustment. TX-6 owners can get it from the downloads page of the Teenage Engineering website.

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