Stylophone CPM DS-2 Compact, Portable Analogue Drone Synthesizer

Stylophone’s DS-2, the first in its compact portable modular (CPM) range. Following the launch of its affordable theremin, parent company Dubreq has unveiled the CPM DS-2, an all-in-one portable modular analogue drone synth that eschews toy-like simplicity and offers something far more serious instead.

Highlights include two analogue oscillators, two analogue sub-oscillators and two analogue 3320 filters. There’s a meaty LFO section with 14 waveforms, two wave selectors, seven routing switches and five depth attenuverters, while the CPM DS-2 sports a total of 12 modular patch points.

Effects include eight vintage reverb algorithms and a vintage delay with modulation, and the effects mixer has an aux input for external sounds.

All of which adds up to a synth that’s said to be suitable for rhythmic movement, endless soundscapes and cosmic exploration.

In keeping with Stylophone tradition, you get a built-in speaker, and there are also two stereo outputs. There’s a battery power option, and Eurorack compatibility means that, as well as being used standalone, the CPM DS-2 can also be integrated into a larger modular system.


  • 2 analog 3340 oscillators
  • 2 analog sub oscillators
  • 2 analog 3320 filters
  • 14 analog LFO waveforms
  • 2 LFO wave selectors
  • 7 LFO routing switches
  • 5 LFO depth attenuverters
  • 12 modular patch points
  • 8 vintage AL3201 reverb algorithms
  • 1 vintage PT2399 delay with modulation
  • 1 effects mixer with aux input
  • 2 stereo outputs
  • 1 built-in speaker
  • 6 AA battery compartment
  • Eurorack compatible

You can sign up for pre-order alerts on the Stylophone website, and the price of the CPM DS-2 has been set at $259/£209/€239.


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