SRM Sounds Launches Max Richter Piano Virtual Instrument

Composer Max Richter has launched a new virtual instrument company, SRM Sounds, with the release of Max Richter Piano, a piano virtual instrument that they say is “voiced to play quietly, with atmosphere”.

Max Richter’s new piano plugin based on the renowned composer’s Steinway D SPIRIO | r grand piano. Developed in partnership with Song Athletics, SRM Sounds plans to release Kontakt instruments based on sounds recorded in Richter’s studio.

Contemporary classical composer Max Richter has announced the launch of a new series of “sound products for music creators” under the name SRM Sounds. The products developed in partnership with Song Athletics, a new brand recently launched by ex-Spitfire Audio CEO Will Evans.

SRM Sounds’ first order of business is to release a series of virtual instruments for Native Instruments’ Kontakt. The first of these is Max Richter Piano, a software instrument that captures the sound of Richter’s very own Steinway Model D SPIRIO | r grand piano, the centrepiece of the main live room in Max Richter’s personal studio, Studio Richter Mahr.

Richter’s Steinway was recorded with loving detail using a variety of microphones both contemporary and vintage. Focusing on the softer dynamics of Richter’s piano, the library is made up of ten dynamic layers spanning ppp to mf, with five layers of round-robins, three microphone positions per instrument and two varieties of reverb. Richter Piano is equipped with action, dampers and pedal volume control.

“Just like a real acoustic piano, this instrument has its own properties; it is not an ‘everything piano’,” Richter said of the instrument. “You wouldn’t perform Prokofiev on a piano that had been set up for Mozart, and the same applies here.

“This piano is a specialist. It loves to play quietly and whisper in your ear. If you are looking to cut through a busy mix, then go elsewhere, but if you want to evoke the intimate stories we all carry inside us, then you will be well served by this instrument and the rest of the forthcoming collection.”


  • 2 instruments total ~98GB
  • 3 microphone positions per instrument
  • 5 Round Robins
  • 10 dynamic layers (ppp to mf)
  • 2 varieties of reverb
  • Action, dampers & pedal volume control
  • Velocity sensitivity control
  • Kontakt Player library (Version 6.8.0 or higher required)
  • NKS compatible

Audio Demos:

Max Richter is a Grammy-nominated German-British composer and pianist known for his works for stage, opera, ballet and screen. His latest project, released earlier this year, was the SLEEP: Tranquility Base EP, a reimagining of material from Richter’s 2015 composition SLEEP, with remixes from Kelly Lee Owens and Alva Noto.

Max Richter Piano is available now, with an intro price of £119/€135/ $150 (normally $185).

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