Spitfire Audio releases Originals Wurlitzer Piano Plugin


Spitfire Audio believes that it’s created the “definitive” Wurlitzer electric piano plugin

The latest Spitfire Originals instrument emulates a true keyboard classic – the Wurlitzer electric piano.

Promising to be “the definitive rendition” of this much-loved instrument, Wurli is a 5.6GB library that gives you four presets: Classic, Funky, Mellow and Stabs.

There are five signals in play here: a direct input from the Wurli, an amplified sound (using an Ampeg B-15 amplifier), the speaker output of the piano, a timestretched and processed ‘pad’ signal that adds an atmospheric, ambient layer, and an overdriven sound.

Each preset makes use of (and enables you to tweak) one or more of these signals. Classic is the ‘standard tone’ and uses the Wurlitzer’s physical speaker output; Mellow combines the DI signal and amp with the pad; Funky brings together the DI, amp and overdriven signals; and Stabs makes use of a shorter sample length, giving it a more percussive flavour.

Attack and Release controls enable you to go beyond electric piano sounds and create more esoteric tones, and you can adjust the rate and depth of the tremolo effect.

As with the other Originals instruments, Wurli is designed to be easy to use, and costs a very reasonable $29/£29/€29. It runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats, and you can find out more on the Spitfire Audio website.

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