Spitfire Audio Albion Colossus brings the epic sound of Hollywood blockbusters to your DAW


Spitfire Audio have announced the release of Albion Colossus, a new sample library. Albion Colossus is described as their “most epic library yet”, and is said to be a “gargantuan, all-in-one toolkit” for blockbuster scoring.

The sample library features “two complete orchestras, chamber and symphonic, heavy chugging guitars, a diverse, hard-hitting set of percussion and epic, widescreen synths”

Albion Colossus is a continuation of Spitfire’s Albion series, a collection of sample libraries aimed at providing everything that’s needed to score a film in one single product. Each edition of Albion is based around a different theme, and Colossus is geared towards capturing the sound of big-budget Hollywood blockbusters, epic action movies that require powerful and dramatic orchestral scores.

Spitfire Audio let us know that this edition of Albion differs in that it is the first time one of the Albion libraries has been housed within Spitfire’s dedicated plugin engine. The Albion Colossus plugin is equipped with a variety of controls. Accompanying the Dynamic and Expression controls we’ve seen in previous Albion libraries are three new adjustable parameters that enable the user to fine-tune their textures and timbres: Scale, Depth and Hype.

Scale will expand the size of the ensemble that’s playing, example from chamber to symphony orchestra. Depth will move a mix from a close-recorded, intimate sound to a wide, ambient and expansive tone. The effect that the Hype control has varies for each preset, but is capable of introducing saturation and distortion, and aimed at giving each sound a bit more of an edge.

The Albion Colossus library comprises over 100GB of cinematic sounds, including strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, drums, synths, and guitars. At the core of the library are recordings of two orchestras: a 42-player chamber orchestra and 111-player symphony orchestra.

Albion Colossus is available now at an introductory price of £299/$349 €349. Find out more on Spitfire Audio website.

Albion Colossus’ GUI                                                       

Spitfire Audio recording sessions for Albion Colossus



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