Spacelab, a New Plugin, brings Object-Based 3D Audio to your DAW



Fiedler Audio has introduced Spacelab, a 3D spatial audio production plug-in that they say combines state-of-the-art reverb, 3D-panning, and spatialization in one plug-in.


The plug-in treats incoming audio as objects, which are positioned in the space of a virtual room. That room creates a “stunning reverberation” of the objects. The objects, plus their reverb, can then be rendered to any output format, ranging from stereo up to any 3D-audio format, be it for speakers or for headphones via binaural rendering.


Spacelab is also fully compatible with Dolby Atmos and MPEG-H workflows.


Spacelab can be used as a classic send and return reverb effect, but the object-based approach unlocks Spacelab’s full capabilities for workflow and for sound design.


Providing easy control over object positioning and a virtual “listener”, which can be moved around freely, Spacelab facilitates creative workflows for music, film, broadcast, VR/AR, games, etc. Rendering the reverb for each object individually, depending on its position, creates a unique sonic landscape with amazing detail and realism which is impossible to generate with a channel-based reverb.


Preview On Headphones

The internal binaural renderer of Spacelab can be used for monitoring as well as for production. Any speaker layout can be rendered to headphones, enabling mixers to monitor and work anywhere. Producing for binaural reproduction provides every producer and musician with the opportunity to start projects with 3D-audio and distribute later to everyone, even in mp3 or AAC.


Spacelab comes in two versions:


  • Spacelab Ignition supports up to 24 independent objects and is designed to make it easy to get started with 3D audio.
  • Spacelab Interstellar supports up to 256 independent audio objects in space. The reverb section provides a unique spectral EQ to shape the reverb sounds in detail and also provides unique features like “spread in space“ which lets the creator define the size of audio objects in space.


Martin Rieger, a renowned expert for immersive media, specializing in XR with 3D spatial audio spent already some quality time with Spacelab and told us: “What makes Spacelab outstanding is that it is so easy to use on the one hand and can be so complex on the other. The innovative workflow allows creative possibilities and combinations that I don’t know from any other tool. Due to Spacelab, I gained new inspiration about mixing in 3d space and had a blast during the whole process”


Key Features (Interstellar):


  • High-end algorithmic reverb developed by the experts at the renowned Fraunhofer IIS, the inventors of mp3
    • Realistic room simulation, from small boxes to huge venues
    • Any format from mono to full sphere 3D-audio
    • Quick access to all essential parameters
    • Spectral and spatial sculpting of the reverb tail with the Spatial EQ
    • Reverb time is separately adjustable on 9 frequency bands
    • Individual early reflection patterns for each object depending on its position, continuously changing when an object moves through space
  • Object-based 3D-panner
    • Positioning of objects around the listener in the virtual room
    • Record movement with the mouse as automation
    • 3D-view for the best overview of object arrangement
    • Virtual listener with 6 degrees of freedom, perfect for film and VR/AR
    • Individual dry/wet and spread for each source
  • Rendering
    • Up to 256 inputs (objects) and outputs
    • Arbitrary speaker layouts with up to 256 speakers
    • Full sphere binauralizer, monitor through, and produce for headphones
    • Classic mode for send/return
    • Object mode for object-based mixing
    • Ultra-realistic rendering of object motion and corresponding reverb changes
  • Workflow
    • Automate snapshots to switch between different reverb settings throughout your session
    • Dynamic automation for simplifying complex automation of hundreds of parameters
    • Create individual speaker layouts with the speaker layout editor
    • Use the Spacelab Beam plugin to bypass any routing limitation of your DAW and send audio from anywhere into Spacelab
  • MPEG-H Exporter plugin (optional)
    • Export your work in the MPEG-H production format for further processing and publishing for object-based music applications.


Spacelab Tutorial Videos:




Spacelab Interstellar is available now $669/Euro 599, and Spacelab Ignition for $279. Fiedler Audio is offering Spacelab Ignition for a special introduction price of Euro 149,/ $169,  until May 18th, 2022.



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