sonicLAB PolyNodes features ‘Cutting-Edge Generative Sound Synthesis Engine’

sonicLAB has introduced PolyNodes for Mac and Windows, described as “a cutting-edge sound synthesis / generative audio platform”.

PolyNodes treats sound spatially:

  • Each sound material generates a unique 3D geometric entity based on the macro, meso and micro level onset time analysis.
  • The engine features multiple playheads, known as node agents, equipped with advanced re-synthesis and signal processing techniques to navigate on the 3D entity.
  • There are multiple navigation strategies to chose from for the macro, meso and micro level agents.

What they say about it:

“PolyNodes transcends traditional sound design by expanding two-dimensional waveforms into a dynamic 3D spatial navigation experience.

PolyNodes extracts and analyzes the temporal properties of the input sound and maps them in a 3D space to create a visible geometric structure.

This pioneering approach allows to identify key sound moments as geodesic points or nodes, interconnected through a network of triangulations. The result is a multi-scale complex sonic navigation through its input material.”

PolyNodes Tour:

PolyNodes is available now for €139.00.

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