Soniccouture introduces Kora 21 String African Harp Virtual Instrument

Soniccouture has introduced Kora, a new virtual instrument, based on the African harp.


What they say about it:

“A beautiful & fascinating African instrument, the Kora is hard to classify. With 21 strings and a cow-hide resonator, it’s a type of bridge harp, but with some lute or guitar DNA in the mix. Originally from Gambia, it is widely played in Mali, Senegal and across Africa.

Sonically it is similar to the harp, but when played in the traditional style it also bears resemblance to a guitar played using the flamenco or Delta blues technique of plucking polyrhythmic patterns with both hands.

Soniccouture’s virtual instrument is designed to be very playable and versatile, featuring a MIDI pattern player for authentic accompaniment and micro-tuning for authentic scales if desired.”


  • 6 GB Library (2.8GB compressed)
  • 24 Bit, 96khz Stereo Sampling
  • 40 Velocity layers with Round Robin Anti-Repeat
  • Release damping samples 25 layers
  • Mute detero samples 25 layers
  • Custom MIDI Pattern Player
  • Stereo Mic Channel, Stereo Contact Mic Channel
  • Sound Design Presets

Kora Performance Demo:

Kora is available now with an intro price of $89, normally $129.



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