SnapBeat Lo-Fi Sampler (Sneak Preview)

Watch this sneak preview of the SnapBeat – a simple lofi sampler that is designed to be simple and fun to use.

The developer notes that “the sounds are true Lo-fi”. SnapBeat uses a voice recorder chip that is widely used in sound and voice toys. The chip records analog sound directly, without analog to digital conversion. So, “although the sampling frequency bandwidth is narrow, the sound is smooth and live.”


  • sample and truncate sound
  • live play
  • compose rhythm patterns
  • compose track (song)
  • connect headphones and speakers
  • number of voice channels : 8
  • sampling frequency : about 20kHz (high quality sampling) / about 12kHz (low quality sampling)
  • maximum sample length per channel : about 6 sec. (high quality sampling) / about 12 sec. (low quality sampling)
  • maximum number of rhythm patterns : 8
  • maximum track (song) length : a song consists of 64 rhythm patterns maximum and a pattern consists of 2 bar

SnapBeat is available as a DIY project or assembled for $180.



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