Slate Digital Heatwave will ‘Set Your Sound On Fire’

Though some best Black Friday plugin deals have arrived early this year, but we anticipate that there should still be some nice surprises to come. And, Slate Digital has just provided one in the shape of Heatwave, a free one-knob saturation plugin for Windows and macOS.

Heatwave is a free One-Knob Saturation Plugin designed to do one thing: ‘Bring The Heat’, as the company says will “set your sound on fire”.

Designed to add “grit and aggressiveness” to any sound it gets its dirty claws on – drums, guitars, bass, synths and full mixes are all suggested targets – Heatwave’s primary control is labelled Drive. This is used to adjust a combination of saturation, EQ and compression – just turn it up to increase the effect.

You can also tweak the input level, which itself can have an impact on the overall sound. The Clip button adds a clipper to the overall output, and can help to control “unwieldy” transients.

Lastly, you can adjust the overall output level, or turn Heatwave off using the Bypass button.


  • One-knob saturation plugin
  • Transient shaping, compression, saturation, EQ—all in one
  • Preserves and exaggerates original transients
  • Drive knob ‘drives’ the entire plugin
  • Input level and Clip button influence resulting sound
  • Perfect for drums, guitars, bass, synths, and full mixes

Heatwave runs on Windows and macOS in VST/AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations, and can be downloaded now for free via the Slate Digital website.


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