SideRack Enables You Integrate iOS Plugins With Your DAW

NovoNotes has introduced SideRack, a new system that lets you integrate iOS plugins running on your iPad or iPhone with your Mac DAW.


The system includes 3 plugins:

  • SideRack Audio Effect sends audio to and receives audio from the SideRack Server.
  • SideRack MIDI Effect sends MIDI to and receives MIDI from the SideRack Server.
  • SideRack Instrument sends MIDI to the SideRack Server and receives audio back.



  • AUv3 Plugin Compatibility – SideRack makes these plugins usable from a DAW on a Mac.
  • Low Latency – The latency associated with transferring and processing audio and MIDI is kept as low as possible. This latency is automatically compensated for in many DAWs, ensuring that audio between tracks is perfectly synchronized with sample accuracy.
  • Multiple Instruments and Effects – You can use as many instrument and effect plugins on iOS devices as your machine’s power allows. Unlike hardware products or IDAM, the number of plugins is not limited by the number of I/O channels. Flexible routing is possible, allowing you to chain multiple effects within a single rack or process in parallel
  • Synchronizing Sequencer Plugins – SideRack synchronizes sequencer plugins on mobile devices with the tempo and playback position of the desktop DAW. AUv3 plugins with functionalities like piano rolls or drum machines are integrated into the DAW workflow more seamlessly than ever before.
  • High-Quality Audio Processing – SideRack transfers uncompressed audio and MIDI data in real-time.
  • Easy Setup – SideRack can be set up in a few steps, allowing immediate use of mobile device plugins in your DAW. The setting information of AUv3 plugins, including parameters, is also saved in the project file on the Mac side, so there is no need to manage separate files for each device.

SideRack is available now for $78 (normally $98).

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