Serato brings Stem separation to its DJ software

Stem separation is fast becoming an expected feature in DJ software – you’ll already find it in Virtual DJ and Algoriddim djay – so it is not surprising that it is now being added to Serato DJ, as well.

It might not have been first, but Serato suggests that its “one-of-a-kind machine learning algorithm” will give it the edge over the competition. In fact, we’re promised “unbeatable sound quality and performance”.

You can use the Serato Stems feature to isolate the vocals, bass and drums, while you also have the option to add Pad FX (such as Echo and Braker) to transitions between stems.

The idea is that you can use Serato Stems to create mash-ups on the fly or make the process of mixing between songs easier by removing problematic elements of them. Users will undoubtedly come up with even more creative ways to use the technology, though, which is heading to both Serato DJ Lite 3.0 and DJ Pro 3.0.

A select group of DJs has already had a chance to play with Serato Stems, and it seems that one of them – a certain DJ Jazzy Jeff – is impressed.

“There have been certain groundbreaking things that have changed in the art of DJing; the invention of Serato, not having to carry records, the invention of Phase, not having to worry about vibration in a live setting.,” he says. “I think Serato Stems will be bigger than all of them from a creative standpoint. This is about to be the most fun I’ve ever had DJing. I’m telling you, my brain is on fire.”       You can sign up to join the Stems public beta now.




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