Sampleson 60MB Modeled Grand Piano plugin “sounds like a 30GB one”


While developers of large, sampled grand piano VST plugins are itching to tell us how many gigabytes of sounds they contain, Sampleson is focusing on just how lightweight its new spectral modelled MetaPiano is in comparison.


Tipping the scales at a mere 60MB, this slimline piano promises to “sound like a 30GB one”. It’s based on samples captured from an unidentified Japanese grand piano in Patagonia and then “meticulously rebuilt” using maths algorithms.


The initial recordings are said to have contained all the notes, resonances and mechanical noises from the piano. These were then fed into Sampleson’s Spectral Engine 2.0.


Sampleson says that it used this technique because it produces “highly accurate results”. There’s full decay for every note (up to 90 seconds at the lowest registers, with no looping) and no velocity switching.


As well as being able to control the levels of release and mechanical noise, you can also adjust the velocity response and dial in some reverb.



MetaPiano runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats and is available now for the intro price of $59 (regular price will be $89).


Find out more on the Sampleson website.



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