Roland V-Synth 20th Anniversary Retrospective

Paulee Alex Bow, synthesist, shared this 20th anniversary retrospective look at the Roland V-Synth.

In recent years, much of the attention in the synth world has turned to analog instruments, with digital synths sometimes getting forgotten or even maligned. As the prices for vintage analog gear have skyrocketed, though, it’s a good time to take another look at instruments like the V-Synth.

When the Roland V-Synth was introduced in 2003, Sound On Sound called it “a sound designer’s dream machine.” The instrument offers a wide range of synthesis options, flash RAM for sample storage, lots of hands-on control, double D-Beams, lots of effects, sampling and more.

Paulee Alex Bow (Magical Synth Adventure) describes the V-Synth as ‘epic and futuristic’. Watch the video and share your thoughts in the comments!

Topics covered:

01:44 V-Synth Introduction

03:48 Deep-Dive

21:30 My Patches (No-Talking)





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