RipX DeepCreate software is a recording playground that treats audio and MIDI as one


Hit N Mix, the developer behind RipX. RipX is branching out from its audio separation roots DeepRemix with the release of DeepCreate, a new tool that is designed to be used to generate original musical ideas from scratch.


DeepCreate enable you to record or import anything into DeepCreate – audio, MIDI/MPE data or samples – and then treat all of your ‘layers’ of content in the same way.

The processing options are extensive. You can change your layers’ sounds (it’s even possible to ‘rip’ your favourite VST synth presets), perform or draw in automation and add effects.

Layers can also be re-performed, re-sequenced and blended together, and all on a note-by-note basis.

RipX DeepCreate can be connected to your DAW via the included VST/ARA and AAX plugins, and is available now for the sale price of £110 (regular price £158). It runs on PC and Mac. There is a 21 days free trial. Find out more on the RipX DeepCreate via Hit n Mix website.


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