Reason Studios set-up “World’s FIRST ever game of Chord Progression Ping Pong”



Reason Studios introduces “the world’s first ever game of chord progression ping pong”


In celebration of the launch of the company’s new Chord Sequencer MIDI player device, Reason Studios has set up what it is calling “the world’s first ever game of chord progression ping pong”.


This features YouTube piano maven David Bennett and artist/producer/Jacob Collier band member Bryn Bliska batting chord ideas back and forth as they try and come up with a complementary set of 16 chords that they can jam with, and they are sitting at opposite ends of a ping pong table as they do it.


This video might teach you a thing or two about harmony and why some chords ‘fit’ together better than others. And, if you want to try the Chord Sets that David and Bryn come up with, they are all available in the Chord Sequencer.


This is available to all Reason+ Subscribers or on its own for the introductory price of $49/€54, rising to $69/€74 on 13 July.


Find out more on the Reason Studios website.




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