PotenzaDSP Amigo 8-Bit Brings Retro Sound of Commodore Amiga To Your DAW

This old-school sampling plugin gets you the retro sound of the Commodore Amiga for only £10.

Amigo Sampler, a new plugin from PotenzaDSP promises to recreate the gloriously old-school sound of the Commodore Amiga in your DAW, complete with crunchy lo-fi sonics and classic Akai-style time-stretching.

Amigo Sampler automatically downsamples audio to the 8-bit bit depth and 22kHz sample rate found on the Amiga to nail its “authentic crunch”, but the sample rate can be adjusted to taste. Once your sample is loaded in, you’re able to play it back via two modes.

Slice Mode allows you to slice up your samples and map them across the keyboard (perfect for Amen breaks) while Sample Mode maps a sample across the keyboard to be played back monophonically or with up to 16-voice polyphony. There’s a neat chord memory function that can be used to map chords across the keyboard to be played by individual notes.

Samples can be reversed, phased and stretched with classic Akai-style time-stretching that can also be automated in real-time. The plugin accepts .wav, .mp3, .aiff, .flac and .ogg files and plays nice with sample formats compatible with the original Amiga, including .iff, .8svx and .raw files. What’s more, Amigo’s brilliantly retro, pixelated user interface can be customized to any colour scheme you like.

Amigo Sampler has earned high praise from artists, with Amiga fan and jungle producer Pete Cannon describing it as “the best Amiga emulation” he’s ever used.

The best part is, Amigo is yours for the eminently reasonable price of £10.

Amigo Sampler is available in AU/VST3 formats for macOS, Windows and Ubuntu. Find out more on PotenzaDSP website.


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