Polyend Tracker v1.5 Firmware Now Available


Polyend has released Tracker v1.5, a firmware update that lets you save separate instruments with their settings, so you can import them to other projects, select slices in sample playback and more.


New Features:

  • Tracker can now save separate instruments with all their settings. This allows importing those instruments to other projects you’re working on.
  • You can now select slices in sample playback Beat Slice mode by pressing the corresponding pads
  • The “Step” function button label in Pattern Editor is now labeled “Step jump”


Bug Fixes:

  • Incorrect Fill range in certain settings is now fixed,
  • Sample recorder wasn’t recording if MIDI chord was playing,
  • Un-deletable instrument after loading project from the previous version is now fixed,
  • 5.0b1 regression: samples could be normalized to 0 after adding a new sample to the song,
  • Fixed freeze after changing granular LFO settings,
  • Bringing up the Instruments popup on the Tracker screen occasionally resulted in a flickering screen,
  • Slice fill effect counted “From” and “To” ranges incorrectly,
  • Tracker mixer’s visual performance is now better,
  • Removing OFF events revealed a left-over MIDI instrument on the track,
  • Beat slices weren’t fully displaying,
  • “Render Selection” was sometimes inconsistent,
  • Horizontal view mode edits weren’t always refreshing correctly on-screen,
  • Sample preview in Sample Recorder was sometimes distorted,
  • Volume of fast rolls was increasing on the last step of a pattern,
  • TSTP FX is not anymore interfering with song export,
  • Tempo FX values below 40 were treated as T40,
  • Current playing pattern wasn’t always in sync with highlighted song slot on the Song screen,
  • Sidechain limiter stopped working after playing sound in Sample Editor/Sample Recorder,
  • Active Reverb was cut when Sample Recorder was entered, even if “No” was selected,
  • Subtle Limiter attack and release sounded too short after device restart,
  • Changing radio region to Japanese didn’t apply until device restart,
  • Part of the “Additional Info” bar was clearing when moving between Pattern Editor and other screens,
  • Using Shift+Up to select contents of the current track selected all tracks instead when sequencer was running


See the Polyend website for details.





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