Orchestral Tools introduces Sångara, Cinematic Southeast Asian Virtual Instrument Set

Orchestral Tools has introduced Sångara, a new collection of cinematic Southeast Asian instruments, performed by expert local musicians, on location in Thailand.

What they say about it:

“Discover the musical pulse of an expansive geographical region distilled into a curated collection of instruments. Sångara—a library of over 70 percussion, wind, and stringed instruments from various parts of Southeast Asia—was made in collaboration with the inimitable composer and multi-instrumentalist Richard Harvey. It brings new colors to your composing palette, perfect for scoring, eliciting vivid mental images, or fabricating rich and cinematic worlds of sound.”


  • Includes instruments never sampled before
  • Up to 6 mixable mic positions, including vintage spot mics
  • Instruments recorded chromatically for maximum versatility
  • Plucked strings, bowed strings, winds, and percussion
  • Features a one of a kind, custom-made kong wong yai
  • Authentic representation of the instruments in their natural ranges

Sångara is available now, with an intro price of €249 (regularly €399).



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