Open-Source Patch Overlays for the Visually Impaired


Developer Geert Bevin (Director of Software Development at Moog Music, and creator of the original MPE specification) has released a collection of open-source designs for 3D-printed patch sheet overlays for the visually impaired.

The patch sheets work the same as the original printed patch sheets, below, but replace the printed indicators with tactile markings, as shown above:


“While going through the patch sheet transcription, I kept thinking that there had to be better ways to convey patch information without relying solely on vision,” he notes. Being a 3D printer enthusiast, Bevin went on to create tactile designs and test them with Tim Burgess of Raised Bar, a project to improve the accessibility of musical equipment and resources for visually-impaired musicians.

“Hopefully this is an inspiring starting point for other people and can spark further research and innovation in this domain. Everything in this work is open-sourced under the New BSD license.”

Bevin’s project includes a vocabulary of design elements for translating patch sheets into tactile versions, and a collection of the factory DFAM and Mavis patch sheets, ready to 3D print.

Find out details on the Geert Bevin’s website.

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