Open-source DAW Ardour shared this sneak preview of clip launcher in Ardour 7


Open-source DAW Ardour 7 is getting Ableton Live-style clip launching.


They note that “Things are far from finished, and there’s a lot left to do, but this video will give the first sense of one way that Ardour might present this functionality.”


Details on release date for Ardour 7 are to be announced. The current stable version is 6.9.


If you want to go down the open-source route with your DAW, Ardour is a great option, and it is soon set to benefit from the addition of Ableton Live-style clip launching in version 7.


The Session View-style workflow has found its way into quite a few other DAWs over the past few years – the likes of Bitwig Studio, Logic Pro and Digital Performer all offer their own takes on it – and Ardour looks to follow a similar pattern.


Check out a preview in the video above. While this is by no means the finished article, it does give you an idea of how clip launching in Ardour will work.


You can download the Ardour source code for free, while the ready to run version can be had on subscription or for a single payment. There’s also a free demo that periodically goes silent after 10 minutes.


Find out more on the Ardour website.




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