Odd Meter Drums Vol 2 enables you Rock Out in 13/8


Yurt Rock has introduced the second volume of its Odd Meter Drums series, featuring a detailed collection of drums in 7/8, 15/8, 17/8, 9/8, 11/8 & 13/8.


They describe it as “an almost endless amount of live drums, designed to inspire songwriters and producers in a world outside of 4/4”.


Sessions include:

  • Brisk Seventeen Eight 141bpm
  • Dark Dreamy Fifteen Eight 77bpm
  • Nine Eight EFX 101bpm
  • Swunk Seven Eight 88bpm
  • Tight Eleven Eight 111bpm
  • Vintage Thirteen Eight 82bpm


Odd Meter Drums Vol 2 was recorded using a variety of drum kits including Ludwig, Pearl, Gretsch, and Tama, providing a wide range of sounds to choose from.

All loops are recorded at pristine, 24-bit, 48 kHz WAV audio. Additionally, samples of every drum kit are also included, providing users with the exact same sounds as the live, drum loop audio. With song elements like intros, verses, choruses, fills, and endings, this library makes it easy to quickly build custom arrangements.


Video Demo:


Odd Meter Drums Volume 2 is available now from the Yurt Rock website. It is priced at $39.00, but is currently available at an introductory price of $29.00.



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