NI404 is an Open Source DIY Hardware Sampler + Sequencer

The NI404 is an open-source sampler and sequencer, based on the Teensy Microcontroller and Audioboard from PJRC, that’s designed to offer an accessible entry point into the world of music creation.


  • Easy to Use – The NI404 lets users create complex sound patterns without any prior knowledge of musical instruments or equipment. It’s perfect for beginners and makers alike.
  • Dynamic Control – At the heart of the NI404 is a 16×16 RGB LED panel display, paired with three rotary-push encoders. Navigate a cursor across the grid, where each row signifies a voice and each column a potential note, allowing for up to 16 pitches per note. This feature enables the mixing of up to 8 voices simultaneously.
  • Real-Time Interaction. – Adjust samples, instruments, pitches, notes, volume, BPM, velocity, and effects in real-time without pausing.
  • Etch-A-Sketch style note drawing
  • On-the-fly note deletion and sample muting
  • Adjustable volume, BPM (40 – 200), pattern, and note velocity
  • Up to 30-second sample length with seamless looping
  • Use your own samples on the SD-Card – in a simple file structure
  • Load up to 8 voices / samples (Wav format) plus an additional onboard synth voice
  • 16-bar patterns across 8 pages, totaling 128 bars per song
  • Save and load up to 100 patterns / songs on the SD card
  • Autosave and autoload functions
  • Access and manage samples while playing, with support for up to 999 samples on the SD card and the ability to predefine multiple voices as a SampleSet.
  • Fully Independent – Operates without a computer, generating all sounds on the device itself.
  • USB powered (5V) and Arduino code is published under the MIT License.

Find out more on the project website.


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