New Waves Harmony Plugin promises to create instant eight-part harmonies from a single voice


Waves promises “instant vocal harmonies” from its new Harmony plugin, which can generate up to eight additional voices when given just one.


Likewise, you can adjust the pitch, formant, panning, delay, filtering and modulation (via drag-and-drop) for each voice individually, so it is possible to have both ‘male’ and ‘female’ backup simultaneously.


Additionally, there are Quick-harmony chord presets; designed for people who do not know music theory, these can help you generate voicings that you might not otherwise have considered.


Harmony is a time-saver when you are working on complete vocal arrangements – voices can simply be drawn in and automated snapshots can move with the song.


Harmony is designed to be used in real-time, so it could potentially be employed to create backing vocals when you are performing live.



The plugin works in three modes: Automatic will instantly create harmonies based on your choice of chord preset; Playable MIDI enables you to create harmonies by playing notes or chords in real-time on your MIDI keyboard – set the key and scale and the pitching should never go away; and Graphical mode can be called on when you want to draw and tweak harmonies on the visual display.


In addition, Harmony can also be used as a creative effect for doubling, layering and more.


In the video below, Waves show you how to use Harmony to create five vocal effects in no time at all.




Harmony runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats. It is available now for the introductory price of $40, regular price is $149.


Find out more and download a demo on the Waves website.




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