New iPad App, sqsl White Keys, Enables You Get Freaky with Your MIDI Keyboard Controller

Developer Michal Macura let us know that he has introduced a new iPad app, sqsl White Keys, that’s lets you interactively remap the notes that the white keys on your MIDI keyboard control.

Macura is the creator of sqsl Circle geometry-based MIDI sequencer for iPad, and sqsl Canvas, an app that turns your iPad into a ‘control voltage playground’ for your modular synth.

sqsl White Keys is a MIDI note processor. It receives MIDI notes played on white keys of the keyboard (CDEFGAB), remaps them to other notes and sends them out. Each note of input can be remapped to any of the 12 notes of the scale. There is also an integrated scale pattern generator for quick access to most used heptatonic scales and their 7 modes.

The app could be used as a performance aid, or as a compositional tool for exploring new tonalities and harmonies.

Important notes:

  • sqsl White Keys is a MIDI processing app and does not produce any sounds.
  • sqsl White Keys is a standalone application.
  • sqsl White Keys does not produce MIDI notes on its own – it needs to receive notes from other MIDI device such as keyboard or sequencer.
  • sqsl White Keys works only in fullscreen/portrait mode.

sqsl White Keys is available now for $4.99.


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