New App, BeatBlocks, enables you make beats with LEGO Bricks


Playable Technology – Edinburgh based start-up, – has introduced BeatBlocks, an iOS app that enables you use LEGO bricks to make beats.

Founded by Scottish academics and technology entrepreneurs, David Skulina and Benjaman Schogler (creators of the Skoog accessible MIDI controller), Playable says that they’ve created BeatBlocks to give children the best of both digital and real-world environments.

BeatBlocks uses your iOS device’s camera and its custom AI to scan for different bricks. When it sees a brick it plays a sound. The color of a brick defines the instrument: lead sounds, bass sounds, drums and percussion. Beatblocks can recognize 2×2 or 4×2 bricks in red, yellow, orange, blue, green and pink.

“BeatBlocks extends the scope of construction toys like LEGO , honouring the original spirit of the toys, and adding an entirely new layer of creativity,” said co-founder Benjaman Schogler, a developmental psychologist and expert in educational technology, learning and play. “The App is so easy to use there is no need for training or lessons. It really is child’s play.”

BeatBlocks is available now. It is free to download, and $3.99 to unlock the full version.

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