New AI024 X Eurorack Filter features ‘Creamy Four-Pole’ Sound

AI Synthesis has introduced the AI024 X Filter, a new filter that they say is based on the ‘creamy four-pole low pass filtering of classic 80s synths’, in both pre-built and kit formats.

The module is available pre-built or as a DIY project.

The resonant filter can self oscillate and track 1/V per octave. They note that, with two AI024s and a stackable cable, you can create an “elegant stereo filter”.

The ad#AI024 X Filter uses the same topology found in classic synths like the Crumar Spirit, the Digisound-80 Modular System, Elka Synthex, Fairlight CMI II/IIx, LinnDrum, Oberheim, PPG Wave, Sequential Circuits synths and many more.

The AI024 X Filter is available as a DIY project, starting at $15, and pre-assembled for $140.


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