New ABBEY ROAD ONE: Film Scoring Selections Thematic Horns

Spitfire Audio has introduced Abbey Road One: Film Scoring Selections Thematic Horns, a new virtual instrument that captures the sound of an 8-piece horn section.

What they say about it:

“From the forlorning main theme of Braveheart to the thunderous horn section used in The Batman original theme, as well as countless other themes spanning the entire history of cinema, the horn has proven itself to be the irreplaceable heart of orchestral scoring. Horns play myriad roles, from chorale accompaniment to strings, through to punchy main themes that transcend anything the rest of the orchestra has to offer.

The first of our film scoring selections to feature two legatos, this library provides an agile section of eight horns, capable of going from speedy playing with fast run articulations across dynamics to slower, stately and more lyrical performances all with the sound of cinema – Abbey Road Studio One and London’s A-list players – right out of the box.”

The instruments were ecorded in the unmistakable acoustics of Abbey Road’s Studio One, where classic scores like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter were recorded.

Thematic Horns is a fully-fledged, stand-alone library. Thematic Horns and all of the Abbey Road One Selections loads directly into all major DAWs (VST2, VST3, AU, AAX & NKS-compatible) without the need for any additional software.


Tied Performance

Lyrical Legato


Long Sforzando

Very detached





Mix 1

Mix 2


Vintage 1

Vintage 2

Pop Close

Pop Room


Tree 1

Tree 2




Abbey Road One: Film Scoring Selections Thematic Horns is available now for £49 / €49 / $49.

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