More than 45 Years after Brian Eno defined Ambient Music, Sonicware introduces an Ambient Synthesizer

45 years after synthesist Brian Eno defined ‘ambient music’ with his release, Ambient 1 – Music For Airports, Sonicware has introduced a new synth, the LIVEN Ambient Ø, designed specifically for creating immersive ambient soundscapes.

The Sonicware LIVEN Ambient Ø is described as a ‘soundscape synthesizer’ and ‘immersive ambient generator’.

It offers 4 layers of tone and texture: Drone, Pad, Atmos, and Noise; and effects tailored to ambient music, including 9 types of reverb and 6 additional types of effects.

Other interesting features include MIDI IN/Out and audio in, which can be used to add stereo user samples.

Key Features:

  • 4 layers of tone and texture: Drone, Pad, Atmos, and Noise.
  • Blendwave Modulation Synthesis – Newly developed synth-engine with 6 structures, designed to create undulating and fluctuating tones.
  • Noise and Space – The Noise layer processes 8-second stereo sampling loops with noise blending and pitch modulation.
  • Extensive Effects Section – 9 types of lush Reverb with shimmer, plus 6 types of effects including Tape Delay and Master Chorus.
  • Sequencer for Each Layer – Records performances, notes probabilities, and evolving tonal changes.

Audio Demo:

Using the Sonicware LIVEN Ambient Ø to create an ambient soundscape:

The LIVEN Ambient Ø is available to pre-order for $239.


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