Moog’s Musical Eatery, A Rare Cookbook From 1978, Available Again via Apple Books




Moog’s Musical Eatery, a long out of print cookbook from 1978, is now available on Apple Books.

The cookbook, written in 1978 by Shirleigh Moog, first wife of synthesizer pioneer Bob Moog, is a glimpse into the early days of synthesis.

Back then, many musicians would make pilgrimages to the Moog factory, to learn about synthesis and synthesizers. And when they did, they would often end up at the Moog house, and being fed by Shirleigh Moog.

The cookbook features the recipes that she cooked for these musicians, including Vladimir Ussachevsky, Wendy Carlos, Keith Emerson, Patrick Moraz, John Cage, John Eaton, Joel Chadabe, Herb Deutsch, and Richard Teitelbaum. And it not only features individual recipes, but her plans for hosting up to 100 people.

For more history about the cookbook, see Moog’s Musical Eatery feature at Our State magazine. Moog’s Musical Eatery is now available as an Apple Book for $9.99. The hardcover is also available via Amazon site.

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