Modular Synth Kids Rock The Popella Music Festival

The Modular Synth Ensemble, a project designed to get groups of people experimenting and performing together on modular synthesizers, shared this video, capturing a session with kids at the Popella music festival in Graz.

What the organizers say about the performance:


“Popella is a music festival for young and old in Graz. A children’s music festival that is primarily dedicated to modern styles, responds to the lifestyles and interests of today’s children and also appeals to parents.


This year, the MODULAR SYNTHESIZER ENSEMBLE was a guest at Popella in the Postgarage Graz. After a 4-hour workshop, the children played a live performance on the huge sound system in the large club room. It was powerful, not only because of the great sound system, but above all because the kids put on a masterful performance – listen for yourself.”


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