Midicake ARP Firmware v5 Enables You Sequence Polyrhythms + Polymeters

Midicake let us know that they’ve introduced a free firmware update for the Midicake ARP that introduces new Time Parameters, designed to enables you create sequence polyrhythms and polymeters.

In addition, the update brings additional new features:

  • Classic Arpeggiator Mode: Experience the nostalgic and beloved patterns of traditional arpeggiators.
  • One Finger Mode: Simplify your performance without sacrificing creativity.
  • Keyboard Zoning: Expand your expressive range by assigning different ARP patterns to various keyboard sections.
  • These features make playing the ARP not just easier, but also more fun and engaging, suitable for both studio sessions and live performances.

Midicake ARP Firmware v5 is available now as a free download.


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