MIDI-CI Profile for MIDI Polyphonic Expression Specification Finally Available

Developer Geert Bevin – the author of the original MPE specification – announced via Facebook that “After 2 years of weekly meetings with the MPE working group, many discussions, heated debates, over 60 revisions, the MIDI 2.0 Profile for MPE is finally available for download from the new MIDI Association website.”

The MIDI-CI Profile for MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) specification makes it possible for artists to perform independent gestures for each musical note, with up to three dimensions of expression. With MPE, every note a musician plays can be articulated individually for much greater expressiveness. MPE already has broad support from many DAWs, synthesizers and controllers.

The specification describes a recommended way of using individual MIDI Channels in MIDI 1.0 and/or MIDI 2.0 to achieve per-note control, enabling richer communication between increasingly expressive MIDI hardware and software.

Video intro to MPE Profile from The MIDI Association:

You can register and login to download it at The MIDI Association website.


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