Merry Moog 2023: Holiday Music Performed On The Moog And Other Synthesizers

Merry Moog 2023 is a collection of holiday music performed on the Moog and other synthesizers, curated by host Thom Holmes.

Here’s what he say about it:

“This is my fourth holiday podcast, and it was built on a tradition that goes back to the year 2000, when I started curating holiday music each year on a privately released CD that went to my friends. I called that CD Merry Moog.

I’ve retained many of those original tracks for the podcast, but always leave room for new discoveries. For this purpose, I maintain a special section of my Moog Modular collection of vintage recordings that consists solely of holiday music. While I fancy myself as being agnostic when it comes to religious holidays, there is certainly an overabundance of Christmas Music that has been recorded over the years, so I go with the flow of availability.

For this year’s blog and associated podcast, I am sampling some of the new recordings I discovered in the past year, while also bringing out some of the oldies for your enjoyment. Sprinkled throughout are six, short, Christmas-themed “audio logos” from a broadcast library album, the Sounds of Broadcasting, each logo comprising 60 seconds of Moog Modular holiday joy.”

You can listen to the show below, or via The Holmes Archive of Electronic Music podcast site, where you’ll find a complete listing of the tracks featured.

Holmes is the author of the book, Electronic and Experimental Music, sixth edition, 2020.

via The Bob Moog Foundation

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