Mastering The Mix Reso could be the plugin-based you are looking for


Mastering The Mix’s Reso could be the plugin-based balm you are looking for, if your music is suffering from unpleasant resonances, though it is a common problem.


Excessive resonances can cause unpleasant harshness, but Reso can not only identify these, but also suggest the level of reduction required.


The Frequency Sweep and Calculate Targets features will analyse your audio, find the resonant frequencies and place ‘target nodes’ on the graphical display to indicate how much resonance reduction should be applied.


You can adjust these to taste, and create your own nodes simply by double-clicking. The Q is automatically optimized for the frequency of the node, but you can scroll to adjust this.


Reso uses what Mastering The Mix describes as “super-transparent mastering-grade filters,” which promise to resolve resonance issues without affecting your transients and phase.


Find out more on the Mastering The Mix website.


Reso is available now in VST/AU/AAX formats for the introductory price of $59/£46.65/€50.95. The regular price, which will apply after 6 December, is $69/£49/€60.






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