Mackie DZL Creator Adaptive Digital Mixer for Podcasting & Streaming

A one-stop podcasting and streaming box that can run in multiple modes, Mackie’s DLZ Creator is an all-in-one podcast mixer that makes things easy for beginners but can also be configured for pros.

Mackie highlights the podcasting game with the DLZ Creator, an all-in-one mixer that is designed for recording and streaming your conversational content. It can be used either standalone or with a computer.

Designed for both new and more experienced users, the DLZ Creator includes a 10.1-inch touch display, four discrete XLR/TRS combo inputs and Onyx80 mic preamps with up to 80dB of gain. You can make multitrack recordings directly to SD card or a thumb drive, and the DLZ Creator can also function as a 14×4 USB-C audio interface.

Mackie is keen to stress that the DLZ is suitable for both beginners and more experienced creators. It offers three control modes (Easy, Enhanced and Pro) that can be used to make the display show everything from a simplified control set to an in-depth interface with a full range of options.

Other highlights include the Mix Agent setup assistant, which is designed to get you up and recording in no time, and AutoMix, which manages the levels for up to four mics. You can set up multiple headphone mixes, and it’s also possible to bring in further audio sources – an external caller, for example – with the additional inputs or via Bluetooth.

“We challenged ourselves in designing a product that would meet the needs of today’s modern creators, so any user – beginner or pro – can create on their own terms,” said Alex Nelson, CEO of Mackie. “The DLZ Creator accomplishes this with its robust feature set, easy set-up process, and modes that adapt to the needs or experience level of the user.”

The DLZ Creator is available now priced at $799.99. Find out more on the Mackie website.

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