Luma-1 Drum Machine (Linn LM-1 Clone) Hands-on Demo

In this video, Deft Audio’s Andrei Kudryavtsev demos the new Luma 1 Drum Computer.

The Luma-1 is designed to be an authentic, full-size recreation of the Linn LM-1, designed by Roger Linn in 1979. The Luma-1 recreates the original design of the LM-1, with the same audio path (with the original vintage DACs and filters) and running the original LM-1 software.

In addition to recreating the original LM-1 hardware, the Luma-1 adds a secondary processor, to add features not available in the original, like loadable sounds, USB connectivity and MIDI.

The Luma-1 is a passion project of Joe Britt, founder of Afero, which makes an Internet-of-things platform for businesses.

The Luma-1 will be priced at $4,999, the original price of the Linn LM-1. Orders will be manufactured in the order they arrive and delivered starting later this year. Details on kits are still to be announced. See the Luma-1 Overview for details (Google Doc file).


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