LinnStrument Firmware v2.3.2 Update Available


Roger Linn Design has released LinnStrument firmware v2.3.2, and update that includes both feature and bug fix changes.


New in LinnStrument firmware v2.3.2:



  • In Per-Split Settings > MIDI Mode, holding ONE CHANNEL now resets all MIDI settings as they are after a Reset command. Similar to holding ChPerNote to quickly change all settings for MPE synths, this is useful for quickly changing all MIDI settings for use with common preset sounds of One Channel synth that are optimized for MIDI piano keyboards:

Main channel: 1

Bend Range: +/- 2

Timbre/Y: CC74

Loudness/Z: Poly Pressure

  • If MIDI Mode is set to ChPerNote and you change either the Bend Range setting or hold ChPerNote to force MPE settings, LinnStrument sends a MIDI RPN 0 “Pitch Bend range” message, which sets the external synth to the same bend range.


Bug fixes:

  • When using the Arpeggiator to arpeggiate through a held chord and you lifted one finger of the chord, the arpeggio order would reset to the starting note. Fixed.
  • When split was on with CC Faders on in one split and Low Row on in the other, sometimes the Low Row lights would turn on on the other split. Fixed.
  • When receiving a Bend Range configuration message through MIDI, LinnStrument would echo it back to the MIDI out, which was unnecessary. Fixed.
  • When LinnStrument would receive a MIDI Stop command to stop its Step Sequencer, it would unnecessarily echo it back out to the MIDI out. Fixed.



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