Klevgrand Releases OneShot, ‘Next-Level Percussion Powerhouse’ Drum Realism For All Your Rhythmic Requirements


The Swedish plugin developer Klevgrand has released its latest instrument, OneShot.

Klevgrand has trodden the percussive path with several of its previous instruments – the likes of Slammer, Borsta, Ting and Skaka – but with OneShot, its new sampler, it’s promising its most capable drum tool.

A smooth and complete workstation for drum samples, OneShot is packed with handy features to give any drums a more organic feel, like humanize settings, velocity layering and round robin.

OneShot is a designed to be percussive workstation, specifically designed for hosting and playing one-shots samples (single strike samples) with each ‘Slot’ of these having its own mixer channel. This means that every sound can have its own effect, level and routing settings, and be sent to its own channel in your DAW. Every detail in the workflow design and sound quality has been given a lot of care and consideration, making OneShot a percussion powerhouse that is both fun to play, excellent sounding and stuffed with purposeful and easy to use features.

OneShot also comes with more features like choking, filters, envelopes, an extensive effects system, and multi-out routing. But even with these features, developers say, OneShot is still easy to use, flexible, and intuitive, offering an extensive hub “for all your drumming needs.”

Each Slot can have two insert FX, with options including EQ, compressor, bus compressor, distortion, algorithmic reverb, convolution reverb, stereo widener, bitcrusher, delay and finalizer. There are also two parallel FX busses, each of which has its own FX insert slots and volume control.

OneShot comes with more than 8,000 samples and in excess of 200 preset kits in acoustic and electronic styles (additional presets are available to purchase on the Klevgrand website). You can drag-and-drop your own samples, as well, and there’s ‘smart sorting’ when you import multiple samples, so you get an immediately playable instrument.

OneShot is available now for Windows and macOS in VST/AU/AAX formats for the introductory price of $99.99 (regular price $149.99). Find out more and download a demo on the Klevgrand website.

Additional information about OneShot is on the Klevgrand website.

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