iZotope releases RX 9, the audio repair software


iZotope RX9, new software update is to primarily tackle “emerging audio capture and production issues to restore damaged, noisy audio to pristine condition,” which means that some of the most popular RX modules have been overhauled, particularly those that are widely used in post production.


The flagship RX 9 Advanced is specifically targeted at post production professionals, with the new version of the Dialogue Isolate module making it easier than ever to extract clean dialogue from its environment without artifacts.


Elsewhere, the new Complex mode in Ambience Match is designed to connect dialogue and ADR cuts with real background movement and textures, with multichannel support up to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2.


Common to both RX 9 Standard and Advanced is the new Dynamic Mode in the De-hum module, which promises to remove any amount of hum and interference in a single pass. There’s also 30-step undo in the History list, and a Restore feature that enables you to roll back an audio selection to any previous step in said list.


“For RX 9, we have revisited some of our most important processing tools and made them even better,” says iZotope Principal Product Manager, Mike Rozett.


“We wanted to focus on the fact that dialogue is getting noisier and noisier: from location shoots to warehouse sets, to wireless interference on sound stages, to ADR that’s being recorded remotely in cars and closets and kitchens instead of in studios. The industry is facing more and more noise, with less time to fix it. We’re here to help.”


iZotope RX 9 is available now for PC and Mac.


Find out more on the iZotope website.


The Standard version is available for $299 (regular price $399) while the Advanced version is available for $799 (regular price $1,199). The software is also included in the RX Post Production Suite 6, which is on offer at $999 (regular price $1,999).





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