International Synth Fest Superbooth returns to Berlin May 11-13, 2023


Organizers of Superbooth have announced that the international synth fest will return to FEZ-Berlin Thursday May 11th, 2023 through Saturday the 13th.

The event will feature a program of instrument presentations, discussions, concerts, live radio and creative performances, along with a “friendly assortment of good food and drinks.

More than 75 vendors have already confirmed their participation, including Erica Synths, Soma, Tegeler Audio, Yamaha, Tip-Top and Doepfer. This year’s event will also feature overseas makers, like Make Noise, Mystic Circuits and Noise Engineering, which has not happened since 2019.

“SuperBooth2022 proved that our idea of a trade fair concept emerged and strengthened through the crisis. However, the complete cancellation in 2020, along with the cost-intensive re-orientation and outdoor expansion in 2021, went way over budget,”notes Superbooth’s HerrSchneider. “So far, the refinancing has still not reached us. Some exhibitors gave us donations to assist. However, the positive feedback in our development and creativity also gives us the energy, to seek and prepare for an innovative growth in the mixture of exhibitors and program, attracting more visitors and with different backgrounds and interests.”

For more information on the event, along with the list of all confirmed exhibitors for SuperBooth23, is available at the event website.


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