InstaComposer could be the MIDI plugin that writes your music for you


AI Powered MIDI plugin


WA Production InstaComposer takes things further by enabling you to conjure up rhythm, melody, bass, pad and chord parts at the push of a button.


InstaComposer comes with plenty of presets to get you started, and these can be edited until the software comes up with something you are happy with.


The plugin is powered by a “behind-the-scenes decision making matrix that creates notes based on both mathematics and musical knowledge”. To help guide the algorithm, you have control over a certain number of specific parameters, such as repetition probability, complexity of chord shapes, harmonic variations, strumming techniques and note density.


In addition, it enables you to set the scale, time signature and riff length, and select how many tracks of MIDI you want to create. After InstaComposer has done its work, notes can be edited in a familiar MIDI piano roll interface, and then exported to your DAW. Alternatively, you can route the MIDI directly from InstaComposer to your favourite virtual instruments, so you can preview all five tracks immediately.


Find out more and download a demo on the WA Production website.


InstaComposer runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats, and is available at intro price of $29.70.




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