IK Multimedia Black Friday deal has been extended.


IK Multimedia’s MAX bundles have been excellent value for money when you want to buy multiple products at a better price. Now, IK’s best Black Friday deals has been extended through to 31 December, giving you more time to grab up to 80% off a selection of its MAX bundles.

The Total Studio Max bundle includes almost every bit of software IK has produced, giving you over $12,000 worth of software for a mind-boggling $199.99. If you are looking to upgrade your guitar tone, AmpliTube 5 MAX is reduced to just $99.99, down from $599.99 – giving you hundreds of amp models and effects to play with.

For the producers, T-RackS 5 MAX is the perfect way to upgrade your ‘in-the-box’ studio, offering 38 compressors, limiters, EQs, channel strips and reverbs for $99.99 That is a saving of $400 on the regular price.


Total Studio 3.5 MAX bundle music production software bundle: Regular price €999.99, now €199.99

Total Studio MAX has everything. You get 143 music production titles, 63 plugins, 15,500 instruments, 490 effects, and 470GB of sounds. There’s everything here for every part of the music production process, from getting the right guitar tone to making great recordings, composing great songs, creating perfect mixes, and tweaking great masters. It’s half price to upgrade from any MAX product too, at just €99.99.


AmpliTube 5 guitar software: Regular price €599.99, now €99.99

AmpliTube offers some painstakingly recreated amp models, effects, and cabinets. With thousands of Impulse Responses, this powerful amp sim offers unrivaled flexibility in your signal chain, making it a powerful production tool. With over 400 emulations and recreations of gear from Fender, Mesa/Boogie, and Orange, plus signature setups from legends including Brian May and Joe Satriani, you can create just about any guitar tone you could ever wish for. With an incredible 75% off its retail price, now is the best time to buy… for much less.


T-RackS 5 MAX mixing & mastering software suite: Regular price €499.99, now €99.99

T-RackS is a great way to upgrade your ‘in-the-box’ studio with a full complement of compressors, limiters, EQs, channel strips, reverbs and loads more. You get famous emulations like the White 2A, the VC-670, and EQ P73, plus processors for all aspects of mixing and mastering across a total of 38 effects. This is the ultimate virtual outboard rack, and with €200 off, it’s the best time to install it in your virtual studio.

These are the lowest prices that we have come across on IK Multimedia’s MAX products, so if you’ve been searching for a great bargain on software this year this is definitely the time to pull the trigger.


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