HyperSynth Hcard-101 Memory Card brings Massive Memory to Vintage Korg Synths

Hypersynth has introduced the Hcard-101, a multibank memory card for expanding Korg M1, WS, DS8 and A1 external memory.

The Hcard-101 serves as a seamless replacement for discontinued Korg “MCR-03” RAM card. It boasts the capacity to store up to 126 banks of data, all without concerns about battery lifespan and potential data loss.


  • Memory Capacity: Supports up to 126 banks, segmented as follows: (M1:64 banks, WS: 40 banks, DS8:24 banks, A1:16 banks).
  • Pre-Loaded Soundbanks: Comes with 73 pre-loaded soundbanks, including 57 from Korg ROM cards. Additionally, it contains 11 Hypersynth categorized banks specifically for M1 and more.
  • Touch Pad Accessibility: Instantly switch between different banks using 4 touch pads. Display: Features a 128×128 pixel OLED display (free angle).
  • Adaptive Display: Automatic rotation feature corrects display orientation if the card is inserted in reverse, especially useful for rack-mount devices.
  • Enhanced Memory Protection: An independent “Memory Protect” option for each bank, offering protection without locking the entire card.
  • Customization: Allows user-defined names for banks.
  • Quick Bank Navigation: Easily navigate between banks via the bank list menu.
  • Efficient Management: Use the “Bank Copy” function to duplicate banks without overwriting the internal memory of the synth.
  • Battery-Free: Operates without the need for a battery.
  • Robust Build: CNC metal case sporting a scratch-resistant grey anodized finish.
  • Compatibility: Drop-in replacement for the Korg “MCR-03” RAM card.
  • Extensive Device Compatibility: Works seamlessly with Korg M1, M1-EX, M1R, M1R-EX, T1, T2, T3, WS, WS-EX, WS-A/D, DS8, and A1.

M1 Dedicated Features:

  • Format Decoding: Displays the format of the selected bank on the main screen. (100prg/100cmb, 50prg/50cmb/4200seq, 7700seq).
  • Capture Program: Presents valuable details about the chosen program, including its compatibility with M1/M1EX, or any requirements for an external PCM card.
  • List Program: Showcases 8 program names simultaneously, allowing for quick access and browsing of desired sounds.
  • Bank Info: Provides a comprehensive report highlighting the number of programs in the chosen bank that utilize M1 waveforms, M1EX waveforms, or External PCM card waveforms.

Wavestation Dedicated Feature:

  • Dynamic Update: Automatically updates the card name on the Wavestation display upon selecting a new bank on the Hcard.

Built-In SoundBanks:

  • Hcard-101 comes with 73 pre-loaded soundbanks, featuring many of the rarest Korg ROM cards and factory preload data for supported synthesizers. In addition, it includes 11 categorized banks specifically for M1.

Hcard-101 is available now for $220 / €269.


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