HitSend Mix Approval System Announced


HitSend has been developed over the last 3 years with the collaboration of some of the top names in the professional audio production world.


A gamechanger for audio pros?


HitSend is a one-stop solution for pro mixing and mastering engineers: share files, communicate and get paid in one place


It is very common for mixing and mastering engineers to work remotely; not in the same studio as their clients, but communication and payment barriers can have a habit of slowing things down. Enter HitSend, a new one-stop solution that is designed to take care of the whole process.


HitSend is a web-based solution that you can access from anywhere (no downloads or installs required) and enables engineers to receive timestamped feedback from their clients so they can see where and how they need to make changes.


In addition, Files can be played back at full WAV/AIFF quality, and final mixes/masters are only made available to clients once they have confirmed they are happy and made payment.


Other features include integration with Google Drive and Dropbox and “best-in-class” security.


Features At A Glance:


  • Flawless audio – Full Wav. and AIFF playback on any device for up to 48x better audio quality.


  • Time-coded feedback – Collect feedback on tracks that can flow into Pro Tools, Logic, Studio One and Cubase.


  • Invoicing – Collect deposit and approval payments with PayPal, Stripe, Venmo, Apple Pay and more.


  • Best-in-class security – Protect projects with secure logins, encryption, data privacy and compliance.




A subscription to HitSend costs $40 a month; this includes 250GB of active storage, 1TB of archival storage and four workspace ‘seats’. Custom-built solutions – for labels and large production teams – are also available on request.


Find out more on the HitSend website.





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