GEWA launches G3 Series Studio 5-E Drum set


GEWA has announced the release of its G Series, the G3 Studio 5 electronic drum set, which puts the playability of its upper-level G9 and G5 kits into a more affordable, mid-priced setup. It is the perfect companion for home or studio use and is even compact enough to be used as a practice kit!

The Series 3 Studio 5 is a five-piece electronic kit, comprising all-mesh snare (two-zone, 12”), tom (3x dual-zone, 10”) and kick (single-zone, 10”) pads. As well as the drums pads, the G3 Studio 5 comes with a 14” crash cymbal (three-zone), full-size, 14” hi-hats and an 18” three-zone ride cymbal.

G3 can be expanded with an additional pair of Aux trigger inputs to the back of the module, and the triggers are all connected to individual sockets rather than using a cable snake.

As GEWA points out, the G3 uses the same triggering technology as the brand’s more expensive kits, which it says transfers the playability of the G9 and G5 setups to the G3. It’s based around the G3 module, which houses 40 high-resolution drum kit presets, built from a total of over 900 individual voices.

The library was captured at Berlin’s Funkhaus Studios, with up to 1000 samples used per-instrument, and GEWA says that the sounds are similar to the samples used in the top-flight G9 module.

As well as the on-board sounds, each pad can be processed with its own EQ and compression, the module also houses 12 reverb effects, 9 multi-FX categories and a master EQ and compressor. Additionally, there’s an on-board WAV recorder, with an internal memory of 128GB, plus the USB interface allows for easy Audio and MIDI connectivity to a MAC or PC.

True simplicity, the GEWA G3 module is extremely easy to use. Turn it on, run the Setup Wizard, and you’re ready to go – BORN TO PLAY!

The GEWA G3 Studio 5 will be available in stores from mid-November at a recommended retail price of $1,650/€1,899.00. More information at the GEWA website.

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