Fuse Audio Labs give you the ‘Unpredictable and Vibey’ VREV-666


Get a free spring reverb plugin based on a rare 1960s effect that was built for the BBC.


Fuse Audio Labs has just introduced a free spring reverb plugin. It seems that VREV-666 is based on the Grampian 666, which was built for the BBC back in the ‘60s and is capable of delivering “rich, bouncy, and unpredictable vibes”.


The Grampian 666 had just one control, but VREV-666 adds a mix stage, pre-delay of up to 150ms and a tone EQ that attenuates the resonance of the spring system in the bass range. There is also a limiter for taming peaks.


VREV-666 runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats and can be downloaded for free, though you will need to sign up for a Fuse Audio Labs account to get it.



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