Free Tool, ShowMIDI, Makes It Easy to Visualize What’s Happening with MIDI Data

Developer Geert Bevin (Moog Music, LinnStrument, MPE standard co-author) has introduced a free and open-source tool, ShowMIDI, that’s designed to make it easy to visualize what’s going on with MIDI data.

“I had this idea many years ago,” notes Bevin. “This time, when I had to wade through logs of MIDI monitor messages again, I finally rolled up my sleeves and got it implemented. I think it presents real-time MIDI data in a new way that makes it much more understandable and discoverable.”

ShowMIDI is available for macOS, Windows and Linux, with AU, VST, CLAP and LV2 formats. There’s also a standalone version.

It visualizes:

  • MIDI ports
  • channels
  • program change
  • note on/off
  • channel pressure
  • polyphonic pressure
  • continuous control change
  • pitchbend
  • RPN and NRPN
  • MPE configuration and channel modes

ShowMIDI is designed to be always on and auto-hides past information, using the spacebar you can pause the flow and focus on a data snapshot with the latest state of any MIDI entity.

ShowMIDI is available now as a free download. You can download pre-built binaries for Linux, Mac and Windows, and h@xx0rs can get the source at Github.


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